Friday, August 31, 2007

Again. With the Snoozing.

Remember way back in March when I was having the hardest time EVER waking up? Its happening again. For like the past three weeks I've done a ridiculous amount of snoozing. I know damn well that excessive snoozing makes me tired and groggy for the entire day, even after rushing through my shower and chugging down a cup of coffee.

(There once was a day when I got up on time, took a leisurely shower, and cooked an entire breakfast that I ate while enjoying a leisurely cup of coffee. Come back to me, that day. Please.)

Take today, for example. My alarm - the second one, the one in the closet - went off. I stood up and said to myself, very determinedly, "Jessica! You snooze, you lose!" And then I hit that stupid snooze button anyway. At 6:30 and 6:39 and 6:48 and 6:57 and 7:06 and 7:15 and 7:24 AND 7:33. AN HOUR AND THREE MINUTES OF SNOOZING! On the bright side, I probably don't need to exercise too much today because I probably covered 3 miles walking from my bed to my alarm clock.

What in gods name is wrong with me???

(The above question is intended to be rhetorical, but if you feel you must answer, can we please stick with the things that are wrong with me in regards to over-sleeping? Thank you.)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm On Your What?

Just after I found out Sarah was missing me, I ran into her at a Gallivan concert. Michael Franti, maybe? Anyway. I asked her if she noticed that I posted a post just for her. She said, "Yes, you're on my RSS feed, so I saw it right away!" Thus marks the day that I learned what an RSS feed is. Interesting.

Learning what an RSS feed is should in no way imply that I learned how to use an RSS feed. Technology confuses me. I did start noticing that some websites have an RSS button. For example, you can subscribe to an RSS feed through Netflix that will keep you up to date on their newest releases. I noticed that yesterday, but didn't know how to make it work.

Enter my technologically inclined brother and sister-in-law. We were at Bombay House last night for Maeve's birthday dinner (I also learned about Indian food last night), when I remembered to ask them how to make (? create? use? I don't even know how to talk about technology) an RSS feed. Turns out, you just scroll down to the bottom of a blog, click on where it says "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)" and link it right to your iGoogle. (Surprisingly, I do know what iGoogle is, and already had my own set up.)

Kickass! I'll never miss a blog post again. My boss will be so proud.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Eat Noodles!

Want to eat great, inexpensive food and support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah at the same time? Of course you do! Who wouldn't?

The Sugarhouse Noodles & Company (1152 E 2100 S) is generously hosting a fundraising night for BBBSU on Tuesday, August 28 from 5:00-10:00 p.m. That night, 20% of all sales will go directly to supporting our mentoring programs. Hope to see you there!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Character Schmaracter

I love the view from my office. Or should I say, loved? While sitting at my desk, I could turn slightly to the left, and see this...There have been so many mornings where I would turn to see my train being illuminated by the sunlight that was gushing over the Wasatch Mountains, and think to myself, "I should take a picture of that!"

Well. I'll never get the chance. My office complex is under new management. And they have decided that we don't need a train. Or trees. We're going to be all parking lot, all the time.

The only good thing about this decision? Two cranes came to remove my train. My grandfather was a crane operator, so cranes have always had a special place in my heart. Not to mention the fact that I act like a five-year-old whenever there is heavy machinery or a helicopter around. What can I say? I'm easily fascinated and entertained.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

You Were Missing Me?

Hello Readers! (And by readers, I mean Sarah.)

You may or may not know that I used to teach preschool to kidlettes who, for the most part, spoke English as their second language. They would say the cutest things. One of my favorites came the day after I was out sick. One of my dang cute little girls said, "Yesica, yesterday you were sick? I was missing you."

As it turns out, you, readers (and by readers, I mean Sarah) have been missing me. I apologize for my absence from blogworld. I assure you I have not been sick, but since I returned from Island Park, I have been rather busy...
...traveling to Port Heuneme, CA for a half marathon
...volunteering at Red Butte concerts
...attempting to become a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant
...attending Gallivan concerts
...planning and playing kickball

You would think that at least one of those things would inspire some good blog material. And I'm sure they have. But I just haven't noticed. Because I do my best blogging at work, and at work I've been rather busy...
...planning a donor cultivation event for Salt Lake City
...planning a donor cultivation event for Ogden, and traveling there to make it happen
...creating a video about two of our matches
...planning a fundraising breakfast that will take place in Salt Lake, Park City, AND Saint George
...doing presentations at rotaries in exotic, far away cities like Midway
...trying to become emotionally prepared for Bowl for Kids' Sake, which is in the not too distant future
...trying to become emotionally prepared to put on our first ever Chef & Child fund raising gala, which will immediately follow Bowl for Kids' Sake

Oh god. I'm having an aneurysm.