Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rock Bottom

I've always been one of those people who believes that Walmart is the evil empire. One day Dave suggested trying our grocery shopping there, and since he buys the groceries, I figured I didn't have a lot of room to argue. Turns out, the commercials are true - their prices really are unbeatable.

The other day I stopped on my way home to pick up razors and ice cream. I was on my way from the razor aisle to ice cream aisle, and passed the purse department. In a moment of major weakness, I veered in. You see, I got this awesome purple hobo from Brad and Maeve for Christmas, but the inside zipper pocket has since developed a hole situation, and anything you put in there ends up under the lining in the depths of the bag. So I've been thinking about looking for a new bag anyway, but with limited financial resources, I haven't been sure where to look.

Remember Walmart's unbeatable prices? I actually saw a bag I really liked. Oh god. Its mustard colored with pink lining and silver accents. It has two compartments, big enough for even my calendar and some file folders. It has two inside zipper pockets. And I love an organized bag. The straps are long enough that I can toss it over my shoulder without it getting hung up on my elbow. Its cute! And only $15!

But then it hit me. "Jessica Leigh! You are looking at purses at Walmart! Walmart is ghetto. This must be what rock bottom feels like."

I'm not too much of an impulse shopper anyway. I see something I think I like, I try it out, I hem and haw, I go home and sleep on it. If I'm still thinking about it the next day, I consider going back to buy it.

In the case of the Walmart purse, I was still thinking about it two days later. So I told myself that if I sold at least $100 at my Saturday skin care class, I could go back and buy it. As luck would have it, I sold almost twice my appointed goal. And as double luck would have it, when I got back to Walmart, the purse was marked down to $10.

The point is, if you see me walking around with a fab mustard-colored hobo bag, yes, I bought it at Walmart, and no, I don't want to talk about.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Thank You, Kate Gosselin

There are cows near my j.o.b. The other day I noticed there are babies. Baby cows are so dang cute!!

But they got me wondering. Is it ok to think those baby cows are so dang cute, even though I don't feel remotely bad about the fact that I will likely meet them again Crown Burger.

That very night I was watching Jon & Kate Plus 8. The Gosselins were going to visit an organic farm. They took a tractor ride all around the farm, fed the chickens, and visited the cows. Kate was soooo excited about the baby cows and was going on and on about how cute they are.

Then she bought half a cow to take home and stick in their freezer. I felt so validated.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I la-la-la love spring driving. Love. I feel very zen on the freeway with all of my windows down, wind whipping my hair in all directions, sun kissing my skin through the open sun roof, Pat Benatar's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" blaring. Two days in a row. Its fantastic.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bald = Rich

When Brad and I were kids in California, Mom used to take us to the beach every Wednesday. If you've ever been to L.A., you know that no matter which direction you're going, no matter what time of day, the freeway system is happy to provide you with ample time to kill. Brad and I came up with some theories.

One of them had to do with rich dudes and convertible cars. Something along the lines of bald dudes are obviously rich, because rich people drive convertibles, and the wind whipping through your hair clearly must have some sort of affect on how much hair you keep. Right?

Well, obviously. Today I was on I-15 and I saw two dudes riding in a fancy convertible. Guess what. Both bald.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Observations From South Jordan

Today I took a field trip. I wanted to get some fake gerber daisies for the Mother's Day gift sets I'm putting together. The Mary Kay ladies said that you can't get a better deal than at the Hobby Lobby in South Jordan. I was doing a skin care class at our studio in Sandy today, and figuring that South Jordan wasn't too far from Sandy, I ventured to the Hobby Lobby.

The Hobby Lobby is at 11800 South and 3600 West. Its far. I can honestly say I've never been to that part of the valley before. You know what? The houses there are HUGE. And they all have motor homes and horse trailers parked outside. I even saw a house that looks like a castle. But my favorite was this giant log cabin with a porch swing and horses in the back yard. It looked so cozy.

I also found out that South Jordan has a Pie. And a Market Street. And other things that used to be downtown specialties. And the plane that advertises for the Bees was flying around out there. And I realized that the banner that the plane pulls is like 8 times the size of the plane itself. Which made me wonder how in the heck the plane takes off and lands. I'd like to see that some time.

Friday, April 10, 2009

My Buddy & Me

I babysat Miles the other night. He walks now, so we spent about 45 minutes walking around the house, playing "I'm Gonna Get You." Then he got tired and cried. Through his bedtime snack. Through bath time. Through the lotion rub down. Through getting dressed in jammers (especially through getting dressed). Through Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Oops. For some reason Clifford calmed him down. And he helped by turning all the pages. I love the little guy. I mean, look how cute we are together.