Sunday, March 15, 2009

Read This if You're Shopping For a New Phone Plan

I use T-Mobile, and I like them. They're offering new customers a free Blackberry Pearl just for signing up. If you do it, tell them I sent you. I get a deal, too. Just throwing it out there... :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Skiing Makes My Calves Hurt

I'm clomping around like a zombie or a mummy or whatever clomps when it walks. Bending my knee and rolling my foot forward, like a normal walk, is excruciating.

But we picked the most beautiful day to ski! The sun was shining, the sky was the most amazing blue, the snow was just the way I like it, the company was super fun, and my post-lasik eyes were amazing!!!

It was the Knickerbocker-Johnston Ski Day on Saturday. Dad treated Brad, Maeve, Carly, Ian, Kelsey, and I to a great day at Brighton. Brad skied for the first time since sixth grade, and was actually quite good. (He learned by watching the internet. What else is new?) Kels was skiing for only the second time ever and she did great! I also loved getting to spend some time getting to know her and Ian a little better.

And of course its always so fun to spend the day with my Dad! Thanks so much, Dad! Let us know when you post those photos!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Dream About Munchos

What is it about me and dreams about junk food? No, Travis, I am NOT pregnant. But I did have a dream about Munchos. Do you guys know Munchos? Man, they're good. They're the only chip I remember being in our house when I was younger and we lived in California. And then we moved to Utah. Munchos are hard to come by in Utah. Dad found a gas station somewhere that sells them, so he buys three or four bags at a time and then hides them in a top secret hiding place in the kitchen cabinet where the salad bowls and platters are. Well, I guess its not that top secret.

Anyway. The dream. I dreamt I was with Brad and we were going to a party, or an open house, or something in our old hood down by Brighton High School. It was at this huge house and there were all these people milling through. We wandered down this curving staircase and ended up alone in a basement where there was a vending machine. It was weird. But we were so happy because the vending machine had Munchos in it. Only, they weren't the Munchos we're used to. They were orange, like Cheetos, and cone-shaped, like Bugles. But still in that shiny orange/gold bag that screams deliciousness. And still salty and potato-y and delicious. Mmm.