Monday, January 19, 2009

Our Neighbor is SO Loud

Treading lightly is not a talent that Stompy McStomperson possesses.

The crazy thing is, I've lived here for almost four years, and I've never heard anyone upstairs. Until Stompy. He made me feel really bad because for three years, I've been obliviously stomping myself over Downstairs Jess without the faintest clue that my floor / her ceiling is not soundproof. I mean, I never heard Vern when he lived up there. Not a peep.

Stompy moved in shortly after Dave did, and I swear he's gotten progressively louder since he got here. Its like he doesn't own a chair. He walks back and forth and back and forth and back and forth for hours and hours. Sometimes he has people over. People who have a kid. A kid who is particularly loud. My god. This weekend, he had multiple people over. Two adults and THREE kids. I don't mean like little kids. I mean like pre-teens. Big boys who are are big and loud.

We started developing some theories about what Stompy might be doing up there:
  • He is serving his guests tea. From the kitchen, past the dining room, to the living room. One guest at a time.
  • He's teaching dance lessons.
  • He's playing track and field on a Wii.
  • He's learning capoiera.
You know what I just remembered? One day we ran in to Stompy outside, and he asked if we could here him. He asked! And we were flat out honest. "Yes actually. Every step." You would think he would try to tread lightly. Or at least lighter. Huh. I forgot all about that. Man alive.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


A while back I found an email in my flickr account letting me know that the Schmap Guide people had found one of the photos Dave and I took when we were in Seattle in July. They wanted to know if it would be ok to submit our photo for inclusion it their soon-to-be-released Seattle guide. I said, "What the heck."

Today I found an email in my flickr account letting me know that our photo was chosen to be included! Pretty rad, right? Check out the guide here - our photo is the one of the Victoria Clipper.

Now, the Schmap people asked how I'd like the credit credited. There wasn't enough space to put both of our names. There wasn't even enough space for a space between my first name and last name. To be totally honest, I couldn't remember who took which pictures on our trip. It was months ago, and I can barely remember the things that happened last week. So since the photo was on my camera and then posted on my flickr, I went ahead and put my name.

Just now I went over to the couch and said, "Look babe! One of our Seattle pictures was selected to be included in the Schmap guide!" Dave said, "I took that photo. That's your name." I explained the space issue and he said, "So what you're saying is David Oakley would have fit perfectly." Hmph. So I'm officially giving all the credit to Dave. Unless you only read the Schmap guide without ever seeing this blog. Then I get all the credit.

The point is, I'm published.

Friday, January 16, 2009

I Keep Meaning to Blog...

I have been meaning to blog for a while.

I was inspired by my mom's cute post about the things she loved about Christmas. It made me want to tell all of you blog readers about the things I loved about my G1 (thanks love!) and my Classic Cardy Uggs (thanks mom & dad!) and my big purple purse (thanks brad & maeve!)... I mean, I got some great gifts this year!!

Then I was thinking I should blog about some New Years resolutions. Like washing my face every night by 10:00 so that its always done before I get too tired. And not doing anything Mary Kay related on Sundays - Sundays should be for reading and lounging. And blogging more often - you know, like as soon as I think of something to blog about.

Now that I can hold the internet in my hand at all times, thanks to the best boyfriend ever and the aforementioned G1, I really have no excuse. So stay tuned!