Thursday, June 4, 2009


A couple of weeks ago I was heading down to Draper to make a delivery. I had to get off at the 14600 South exit. As I was exiting the freeway, I noticed a whole bunch of paragliders. I knew they jumped off the mountain down there, but I didn't realize that like 20 of them went at once. I don't get down that way very often.
As I was getting to my customers house, I realized how close she lives to the top of the paragliding mountain.Then I realized that I could go into the neighborhood across the street from her neighborhood and be right underneath of them.
Part of the sky was blue. Part of the sky was gray. The sun was getting ready to go down and was bouncing off their parachute thingers in the most beautiful way. It was amazing.Who knew paragliding could be so gorgeous and mesmerizing?

For the record, this did not make me want to try paragliding. But I'd watch it again.

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